How to Advertise on eBay Using Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

If you are reading this, chances are you would like to start making money online by cleverly marketing products or services on eBay. It goes without saying that this Amazon rival has an audience base with 174 million active buyers in 2020, at least according to Statista: So, it would be like presenting your product or service before these millions of active users some of whom are your potential customers. To that effect, I am going to show you how to advertise here and earn a commission whenever a user purchases a product or service you advertise.

1. Create a Short, Engaging Report

One of the cleverest ways to advertise third-party products and services on eBay is to share engaging content on the platform. It can be a 7-page report on one product or service, which purposely highlights points that would make the reader want to purchase that particular product or service. Most importantly, the report should include a link back to your landing page so that interested buyers can eventually make their purchases after reading your report.

Tip: You want to choose something that is highly popular like hand sanitizers, which ABC News says have recorded a drastic rise in demand by up to 1400%, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic(

By creating an informative report on why it’s important to have a bottle of sanitizer at home and including a link back to the sanitizer products you are trying to advertise is a great way to boost your sales.

Take Advantage of the Classified Ad Format Offered by eBay

eBay offers sellers and marketers alike an effective way to sell their products and services independently at a small cost. When you subscribe to the Classified Ad program, the online marketplace allows you to list your product or service together with its price and sell it to eBay buyers outside of the platform. Though the basic and premium subscriptions are worth $9.95 and $39, respectively, each is worth every penny that you spend on it. That’s because you’ll get an overwhelming amount of exposure, leading to more sales and hence greater commissions. Again, you want to choose a product that is high in demand like a facemask, thanks to the global pandemic caused by the Coronaviruses.

Final Thoughts

With eBay, a major online marketplace consisting of 174 million active buyers, affiliate marketing does not need to be challenging. You can expose your product or service to this overwhelming amount of audience to boost sales and smile all the way to the bank. The right strategy is all that it takes to achieve that. With that said, you can use a short report, the classified ad format program offered by eBay to affiliate marketers like you, or both.